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PART 1: Entrance & Opening Event/Press Preview

EXCLUSIVE: A First Look Inside the FINAL Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan Manga Exhibition!


As the second photo above shows, there are two special messages displayed prior to visitors entering the exhibition:

Since its serialization in the “Bessatsu Shonen Magazine” began in September 2009, the “Attack on Titan” manga’s run has reached exactly ten years. Its serialization over 10 long years is thanks to all the readers who continued to support the work. This “Attack on Titan FINAL Exhibition” is an initiative to allow you to experience the “Attack on Titan” world in a manner different to the act of reading the manga. Every attendee will become a resident of the “Attack on Titan” world themselves, and we believe you will experience a sense of momentum as you approach the conclusion of the story. The present story is arriving at its final stages, with the magnificent world converging towards a single point. We hope that those who have yet to read the story so far cna also experience the exhibition and enjoy the inevitable conclusion together. – The Organizers

I can’t believe that it’s been 10 years since the series of Attack on Titan began. Not only all the readers of the series but also everyone involved have been following this for quite some time. I want to make you feel satisfied you’ve read it this far by wielding my pen with all my might as we now approach the end. I hope you enjoy this “Attack on Titan FINAL Exhibition” today and experience “Attack on Titan” in your own way as it comes to a climax. – Isayama Hajime

At the beginning of the exhibit, visitors are asked to choose whether they were raised inside the walls or outside. Depending on your choice, the first part of your journey will either lead you down the blue (Outside the walls) exhibit, where you receive information about the devils on Paradise Island, or the red (Inside the walls) exhibit. You are not allowed to turn back and view the other choice, but it only contains a small amount of pictures.

Opening Event/Press Preview

Above is also a video featuring today’s opening event, which had three special hosts and the Mini Titan as special guest.


 Part 2: Exhibition Interior – 1st Half



PART 2: Exhibition Interior – 1st Half

The above photos show parts of the “red” exhibit mentioned in part 1.

From there, visitors can proceed through to a video room consisting of artifacts from warriors who have gone before, scattered throughout the rubble. A unique animation plays on a loop showing the fight between Eren/Attack Titan and Reiner/Armored Titan, as well as some pre-animated scenes from the manga that will presumably become season 4. Some of the artifacts on display include Erwin’s bolo tie, Mikasa’s scarf, and Sasha’s pack, complete with a potato. Bilingual plaques explain their significance as though you’re in a future museum (For example, the plaque by Mikasa’s scarf simply states that it’s a well worn scarf presumably belonging to a young girl).

Part 3: Exhibition Interior – 2nd Half (Characters 1)




PART 3: Exhibition Interior – 2nd Half (Characters 1)

The first half of character-focused parts of the exhibition are shown above, with highlights of Eren, Armin, Mikasa, Levi, & Erwin. The panels are in their original state, which includes Isayama’s handwritten dialogue.

Part 4: Exhibition Interior – 2nd Half (Characters 2)


PART 4: Exhibition Interior – 2nd Half (Characters 2)

The second half of character-focused parts of the exhibition are shown above, with highlights of Hanji, Sasha, Connie, Historia, Reiner, Bertholt, Annie, Zeke (This is not a comprehensive list). Scenes from the Marley Arc are also shown here. The panels are in their original state, which includes Isayama’s handwritten dialogue.

Part 5: “Manga Ending” Audio Area and Final Room 


PART 5: “Manga Ending” Audio Area and Final Room

From the characters exhibit, you can proceed to the audio segment of the final scene!

The signs read:

Come now…Listen closely.
You can hear the sound of the end of the story…

Ahead lies a room with only voices,
The audio alone is presented from the scene of the “Ending Story”
that the author, Hajime Isayama,
currently foresees.
Please imagine the scene while tying together all the stories so far.

After moving through black curtains, you enter a dark room with the audio that is apparently the vision for the final scene. There are sounds of fire, of explosions, and of battle. People shout and cry in the distance. At the very end comes the sound of a number of ODM (3DMG) gear engaging (Editor’s Note: This seems to indicate the final scenes will still involve battle?). That’s about all there is to it: it’s a vision of the future that doesn’t get too far into spoiler territory. There aren’t even any voices (Note: As there were reports that one seiyuu may participate in this portion, it’s possible that they did not reveal any character audio for press preview attendees).

The final room is a large white room absolutely covered in storyboards and original character design sketches. An interview with Isayama plays on a loop, in which he explains that he never gets rid of any of his storyboards and might even be buried with them (Although he’s not sure they’ll fit in his coffin).

Update: The sketches of Porco, Falco, and Gabi reveal that they originally had different names:

  • Porco – Holst (ホルスト) Gaillard
  • Falco – Falco Bach (バッハ)
  • Gabi – Gabi Lübke (リュプケ)

Part 6: Exhibition Cafe

PART 6: Exhibition Cafe

After the souvenir shop comes the cafe, run by The Reeves Company. It features a surprising array of pretty cool Attack on Titan themed meals and drinks. The latte art featuring the characters is particularly interesting.


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Attack on Titan FINAL Exhibition

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